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Trends on Taiwan-Japan Tourism Market, Travel Innovation and Sustainability

"AI" and "Sustainability" are overwhelming across all domains, while travel and lifestyle industries in Taiwan strategize themselves with an even bigger potential, Japan Market. 2024 is the first "Normal" year after Covid-19, tourist number from Taiwan outbound to Japan keeps up its growth momentum and has drawn unprecedented resources among entrepreneurs and talents. If the trend is going "North" for Taiwan, what would be the opportunity for Japan to go "South"?




Daniel Cheng

NextT Accelerator

The Founder and CEO of NextT Accelerator, the community of travel start-ups in Taiwan, devoting to industry knowledge education, and bridging global partnerships among startup companies.  Daniel used to work in Hong Kong MICE industry, online travel agency in Taipei and Hawaii Tourism Authority, experienced in cross-border travel marketing, B2B partnership management, event curating, media and PR.   He takes the leading role in advocating technology and cultural innovation in Taiwan travel industry, and aims at building up a regional platform to incubate tourism entrepreneurs through accelerating programs, and becoming a great think tank for Asian travel enterprises.



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